Cidade Jardim Mall


Location Building Area Year
Sao Paulo, Brazil 2.390 m² 2008

This Livraria da Vila store is located in Cidade Jardim Mall, in São Paulo, Brazil.
We believe that in a commercial venue, a project must always be developed so to enhance the product, its in-store merchandising, and its sales. There are, undoubtedly, innumerable ways to achieve this goal, and it is probably the nature of each approach what distinguishes each project.
We, in particular, strive for solutions that will allow customers to experience the product as comfortably as possible.
One enters the store through pivoting window-shelf-doors, on the ground floor. A staircase to the right leads to a mezzanine that runs along the border of the salon below, and is connected by walkways to three glazed volumes that cantilever over the wide central void, housing distinctly: the auditorium, to hold courses and lectures; the classical music and jazz CD section; and the space used for book launch events.
Occupying 2,300 sqm (24,760 sqft) split on two levels, the store features a variety of ambiences, allowing customers to either withdraw in low-ceilinged, fully shelved, cozy settings and peacefully read in couches or easy chairs, or to wander through ample and scenic spaces. Kids can read and play in an exclusive area, which includes a small theatre especially designed for storytelling sessions, while family and friends groups can gather in the coffee house – double-height and fully glazed – for more enthusiastic conversations.
In addition to the U-shaped staircase at the entrance, a lift and an additional staircase serve for vertical circulation.


Isay Weinfeld


Domingos Pascali


Monica Cappa


Alexandre Nobre
Gustavo Benthien
Leandro Garcia
Wellington Diogo


Leonardo Finotti