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Museu da Casa Brasileira 2004

São Paulo. Over half of its population has fallen victim to some kind of crime in the past five years. On average, five women are raped everyday in the metropolitan area. Juvenile homicide rates are alarming: 98.8 young people are killed out of every 100,000 Brazilians aged between 15 and 24. There are over 300 cases of theft every day in the Greater São Paulo area. Roughly 100 people are injured in traffic accidents every day. On average, over 20 people are murdered every day in the metropolitan area. Every day in the Greater São Paulo area, four people die in traffic accidents, on average. There is on average one robbery followed by death per day in São Paulo. Roughly 40,000 people have been killed in the metropolitan area in the past five years. The number of kidnappings increased in the first half of this year: 33 cases, against 29 in the same period in 2003. People are killed in Brazil at an appalling rate: one person is killed every 12 minutes, which amounts to 45,000 homicides per year. In Brazil, 27 violent deaths are recorded every year for every 100 thousand inhabitants. The rate of homicides with firearms increased from 43.6% in 1980 to 48.3% in 2000 – and therefore Brazil ranks first in number of deaths caused by this type of weapon. In 2002, there were roughly 240,000 inmates living in Brazilian prisons. The states of Roraima, Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro record the highest homicide rates in Brazil with over 50 homicides for every 100,000 inhabitants. Home to 3% of the world’s population, Brazil accounts for 13% of the homicides of the planet. Welcome to Happyland.

Isay Weinfeld e Marcio Kogan


Isay Weinfeld

Marcio Kogan


Fernando Chaves

Make your life easier! With this new and amazing product, you’ll be free from hassles should you be approached by a wrongdoer when you are in your cozy and warm car. Instead of listening to that endless list of demands made by the perpetrator, you can just hand him the Theft Kit after he gently taps on your car window with his UZI Rifle! The thief will be happily surprised and you may go on calmly filing your finger nails. The Theft Kit is a briefcase containing a bit of everything that the damned thief wants. It comes in three versions: Gold, De Luxe and Bare, with different choices of objects and designer-labeled objects. The cheapest model costs a bit less than a second-hand Maseratti.

To develop this uniquely smart (modesty aside) product, we were inspired by the oscillations of the stock market. The violence market of the city also undergoes variations, which may be weekly, daily, or even hourly. Therefore, it would be only natural that the height of the walls around our mansions should also change according to the violence rates recorded every hour by a small meter – which is also being developed by our company. And here’s what’s best: the wall comes at no cost! We only charge for the remote control, which is not that expensive: it costs much less than a second-hand Maseratti.

No more spears! They might have been useful in the Battle of Valverde, in 1385, but times have changed… and for the better! Exchange your outdated spiked iron fences for an ultra modern set of cutting-edge pistols! The spears can spike the perpetrator only when he is already on the top of your fence whereas with the new system the wrongdoer may be deadly hit right on the sidewalk. No mess in your home! Before he can even figure out how to climb your fence he will have fallen dead right then and there, and will only disrupt the pedestrian traffic, as goes the song by Chico Buarque.


The public always longs for novelties! And therefore companies have to be on the lookout for new trends and launch new products. As we are highly responsive to market needs, we decided to introduce a new line of decorated barbed wire. Following three years of thorough market research, we concluded that we should develop a women’s line, a kids’ line and a gay line. You order your wire by length and here’s what’s best: it’s free! Just figure, it’s all at no cost! You just pay a small installation fee, but the fee costs less than a second-hand Maseratti.