Rua Amauri


Location Building Area Year
Sao Paulo, Brazil 330 m² 2001

Forneria San Paolo, the chain’s first unit, is located at Amauri Street, renowned for being home to countless restaurants, on the plot across from Amauri Square, whose project was later designed by the office, in 2002 .
The narrow and deep plot allowed delimiting the dining hall along a linear counter stretching from the front door to the access to the restrooms, at the back. The main room, thus configured, is lit by a continual zenithal opening, placed above a wooden panel. The glass partitions atop the counter allow following the activity in the kitchen and the operation of two wood-fired ovens. A metal volume in stainless steel separates the preparation/finishing and service areas from the pasta bench and baking area . Equipment such as heat lamps, electric ovens and coffee machines were placed in niches within that volume, whose upper section received a fixed clear-glass panel, as to also bring natural lighting to the internal space.
The scullery is placed further back on the land, adjacent to the access to the upper floor, which houses staff locker rooms and a small office. An inconspicuous side entrance leads to this service door directly from the street and allows stocking the restaurant independently.


Isay Weinfeld


Domingos Pascali


Carolina Maluhy
Flavia Oide
Fausto Natsui


Nelson Kon