Location Building Area Year
Sao Paulo, Brazil 8.857 m² 2016

In designing Lab 1404 Building, we always kept in mind the cool and laid-back mood that characterizes the Vila Madalena district, with people circulating on foot in the streets. With no wall, fence or any other barrier that might restrain access to the building, the entrance was envisioned as a welcoming space. A broad gardened walkway allows for the transition between street and private space, setting back the volume the building is based on. That small patio provides direct access to two commercial areas, to the garage gateway, as well as to the staircase leading to the ground level, set higher than the street.
The ground level, resting on stilts, features a dense garden surrounding the whole floor area, with an organic contour, and a single volume housing staircases, lifts, the café areas and the building reception per se. In fact, it is only from the reception that access becomes restricted to occupants or authorized visitors – up to that point, from the street to the café, people may circulate freely.
Above the stilts, a stepped volume houses 26 office units distributed on four floors – with double ceiling heights, the units range from 105m2 to 165m2 and, for the most part, feature wide wrap-around balconies. Below ground level, the base contains (in addition to the commercial spaces) three more office units, which enjoy expansive gardens. Two underground levels complement the building, reserved for parking, locker rooms and technical areas.


Isay Weinfeld


Monica Cappa


Alan Chu
Bruno Levy
Cristiano Kato
Danilo Zamboni
Lucio Olivier
Marcelo Ribas
Sara Leitão
Tiago Lambuça
Vanessa Moon


Carolina Miranda


Fernando Guerra