Location Building Area Year
Sao Paulo, Brazil 915 m² 2009

Yucatan House was built in the leafy neighborhood of Jardim America, in São Paulo, Brazil, for a young couple and their three children.
Contemporary art collectors, they wanted a spacious, bright and informal atmosphere home where they could raise their children and see them grow in close contact with nature, while also display the various pieces in their collection.
Thus, everything about the house somehow reflects that high-spirited family and their lifestyle: the combination of volumes, the organization of the areas, the choice of materials, the lighting, the greenery, the pool.
Seven boxlike volumes – different sizes, different finishes – were distributed asymmetrically at the front part of the land, leaving a vast garden in the back.
From the entrance, a long flat surface – a wall covered in aluminum plaques painted black, part of the volume that houses the garage – progresses across the blocks to the one containing the kitchen, followed by the block housing the dining room.
To the left of those 3 volumes, sometimes jutting out a little, other times receding, the remaining 4 blocks are laid out, which feature, respectively: the daughter’s and guest bedrooms, the sons’ bedrooms, the master bedroom, and the TV room and gym.
The “scattered” layout leaves generous spaces between the volumes that, topped by a wood-covered ceiling slab, not only serve as circulation, but also shelter the main living room, the family room and the works of art.
A natural pool, extending from the dining room to the back portion of the land, features a system to use, reuse and treat water that combines water plants and various fish, and is the children’s greatest joy and fun.


Isay Weinfeld


Domingos Pascali
Marcelo Alvarenga


Elena Scarabotolo


Elisa Canjani
Fausto Natsui
Marina Capocchi


Fernando Guerra