Location Building Area Year
Sao Paulo, Brazil 2.000 m² 2011

The approach to accommodate the program of a 2,700m² home intended to a family with intense social life, on a steep lot whose flatter area is at the top back section, was to develop a project organized on three levels, concentrating the flat landscaped areas, swimming pool and entertaining rooms at the highest level.
Just as many other houses in São Paulo, Geneses House turns inwards, to its gardens, preferring to see the city in the distance.
From the street door, one walks up the wide steps of a path that goes around the Eastern face in the midst of a lush tropical garden, passing under the cantilevered block of the top level, go along the retaining slope of the swimming pool and climb to the flat garden lawn facing the home’s social area.
The top level is all meant for entertaining. A wide room takes up the full extension of the level, featuring various living areas defined solely by the placement of the furnishings. With wooden strips on the ceiling and floor laid as to accentuate the length of the space, it is yet marked by three strong vertical references: a suspended fireplace and two round pillars covered in stainless steel. The glass doors on either side of the room open completely onto two verandas overlooking the garden. Facing the main staircase, next to the kitchen and the closet, a red box-like volume contains a Japanese-style dining room – the volume actually projects outwards towards the garden, and stands out in the main façade.
One floor below, all private quarters are to be found. At this level, circulation follows a long internal distribution hallway, or a terraced balcony cantilevered over the front garden, onto which all bedrooms open.
Finally, on the lowermost floor, there is the garage, the caretaker’s quarters and all supporting areas, as also our client’s den, with direct access from the garden or his bedroom upstairs.


Isay Weinfeld


Domingos Pascali
Marcelo Alvarenga


Elena Scarabotolo


Sophia Lin
Luciana Siqueira


Fernando Guerra