Location Building Area Year
Sao Paulo, Brazil 1.249 m2 2010

The land allotted to build this house to a couple with three children sloped steeply and faced two streets, prompting the development of the program on 1,250 m² and three levels.
Visitors discover the house along a course suggested by the organization of the spaces, which starts from the top level, located at the highest section of the land, concentrating the social and service areas.
The main entrance, located at the upper street, leads across the thick garden that firstly reveals the swimming pool, then an open lawn and, finally, the large veranda with hammocks hanging from the stilts supporting the slab, and whose top, by the way, serves as a solarium overlooking the city.
Beyond the veranda and along its whole extension, an ample room is split into two lounge areas and a dining room by wooden partitions, loose on the sides as to form a circulation next to the glass doors.
The impression the house is solved in a single block on one level is reviewed as one goes on the course, by walking one level down the staircase located next to an inner garden.
The bedrooms, set on the intermediate level, feature sliding doors that open onto a wooden deck that extends on a lawn to the outer wall – the Eastern façade.
At the lowest section of the land, this façade opens the garage and service entrance to the other street.


Isay Weinfeld


Domingos Pascali
Marcelo Alvarenga


Monica Cappa


Flavia Oide
Juliana Garcia
Alexandre Nobre
Gustavo Benthien


Fernando Guerra