Client Dimensions Year
Wallpaper Handmade | Berkeley Hotel 35 x 57 x 4 cm 2010

This tray was designed by request of Wallpaper Magazine, for its 2011 Handmade edition.
It was meant as an amenities tray for the spa of a five-star hotel.
A thick solid piece of wood carved into an amoeba shape holds different containers in chiseled recesses. The size, form and material of each container was set according to the toiletry it carries.
Cotton pads lay in a round case, hair rubber bands in an oval one, while cotton buds stand in a tall narrow box – all featuring clear acrylic lids. Cleanser, moisturizers and a facial tissue box lay under wooden box-like covers.
Wooden parts are made of distinct woods of varying colors and grains.
The base of the tray has a slight indentation running alongside its entire amoebic contour. Not only does this very simple detail make it easier to hold and carry the tray, but also gives it a lighter, more graceful look.


Isay Weinfeld


Domingos Pascali


Elena Scarabotolo
Adriana Marcus


Djan Chu