Revista Trip > November 2003


Sometimes it rains, sometimes it is sunny. There are moments you want to be alone; at others you do not. There are days you feel more like McDonald’s than foie gras. Sometimes we want to walk, other times ride a bike. Sometimes you would like to go out with the right person, other times you must go out with the wrong one. There are certain days we are dying to have some cachaça, other days, too. Sometimes we wake up feeling like listening to Dalida, and we fall asleep to Arvo Pärt. Other times it is the other way around. There are days we want to be just in our trunks. Others, not even in our trunks. One day we think Sao Paulo is very ugly. Other days, too. Some times we want to go around singing, other times we realize how ridiculous it is. Once we love, another time we do not. Now, if you are walking, with the right person, on a sunny day, listening to Chris Montez…, all of these together, mixed this way…, this might be happiness. Yet, if you prefer to ride your bike in the rain, with the wrong person, listening to Arvo Pärt in Sao Paulo, that also might be happiness. In life, each of us mixes these ingredients as we please. That’s where the fun lies.

Revista Trip
November 2003